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Anonymous said:

ooooo I swear your art is perfect and we seem to have some kinks in common god bless (if you’re not busy could we have some cecilos breathplay? we have too many sad headcanons and not enough carlos moaning and gasping tbh)

i think Cecil would not actually does it to carlos but will keep it as his own dark lil secret uwu

I was gonna make myself feel better by wearing something cute and now I’m at school and it’s having the opposite effect ? ??

Like I regret coming out in this outfit literally everyone and their dog is judging me I feel so self conscious

I can’t go back to change either I have class by the time I take the bus back home I want to be invisible i dk just wanna pop out of existence for a wh il e

also I’m at that stage of tired where i want to puke I just skipped right to that


hand that rocks the mabel deleted scenes


Here is my part of the rusame cold war exchange for @graceadee

I apologise for such long wait and I hope the uniforms turned out to be okay :’)

Higher resolution here and here.

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Thank you for choosing to love me. (x)


the tru baes i almost drew a sad thing but stopped myself

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reverse pines


And I fell in love instantly by pacifistEvil