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fancymarquis submitted:

i love your toumakis and so i tried out your interpretation of Makishima ! there was toudou too but my computer crashed lol ”’


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hEY SO!! eyesonthestar is rly nice and wanted to do the redraw thing so I did! I redrew this pic of carlos havin a reaction to Khoshekh, bless his heart. Quality is probably influenced by the fact that I am currently also having really horrible allergy problems that are probably not (but still possibly) related to my roommate’s cat. (y’all should definitely go give that original more love cause it’s frickin cute and it has an accompanying cecil and oh. my . god. look at him)


A very, very, very important photo-set that I will simply title: fuwafuwa

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Ok I redrew the old Born Free drawing of Levi too.

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The kids upstairs jumped around so hard that it fixed the kitchen lights
Now it’s twice as bright in here

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#[wraps protective muscular arms around his mongoose] #step the fuck down and shut ur mouths #or i will eat the tongues you used to utter words that make will uncomfortable#with pepper sauce and parsley #don’t even think i won’t #i’m the only one who gets to fuck (with) him #me #mine #property of dr. lecter 

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double dork wednesday 


random Le Chiffre face appreciation (◡‿◡✿)


Jared and Jensen modeling for Saxx~~ haha! I will keep drawing this。(*^__^*) 嘻~